I shoot close-up portrait photos for performing artists, authors, professionals, and people who just want the best darn Facebook or OKCupid photo they’ve ever had. See below for prices and policies.

Pricing Options

1-look session, 45 minutes, 150 images: $200 Introductory special!

2-look session, 75 minutes, 250 images: $250 Introductory special!

3-look session, 120 minutes, 350 images: $300 Introductory special!

All options include retouching for minor blemish removal and “blanking” of backgrounds.

Scheduling and Location

I will photograph you at your home, theater, workplace or any preferred location—my studio is anyplace with a blank wall. If the location is outside the city of Chicago, Evanston, Skokie or Lincolnwood, there will be an additional fee for transportation depending on distance. Sessions may be scheduled any weekday or Saturday. Contact me to schedule a session.

Clothes and Makeup

Wear lightweight, comfortable clothes, one or two layers only. Solid colors are best; simple patterns are all right, but don’t wear narrow stripes, and don’t wear a white top unless you’re wearing another layer over it or your skin is very fair.

Wear only as much makeup as you’d put on for a day out doing errands. (Exception: If your skin tends toward shininess, apply a bit of matte powder or anti-shine gel.) Put the most attention into your hair. Style it exactly the way you want to present yourself. If you wear it in a ponytail, make it loose, so that there’s a good bit of height on top, and gather it around the top of your ears. If you want both loose and gathered looks, we’ll start with your hair loose. Schedule a haircut one to two weeks before your shoot—not the day before.

I do not have an established professional relationship with any makeup artist or stylist. If you are a makeup artist or stylist who’d like to collaborate, contact me.

Image Delivery

After your session, I will provide you with low-resolution files of all images taken. Send me a list of your favorites (each will be tagged with a three-digit number); I may share a list of my favorites with you as well. From these images, we’ll make a final selection. I will then provide you with full-resolution color and black-and-white files for printing, along with reduced versions optimized for online use.